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Voehringer engineering GmbH is a medium-sized company which manufactures PET Blow-Stretch Machines and has the production of various trend packaging on offer.

Due to the flexible design of the production machines there are extremely cost-effective and offer a lot of economical advantages whe producing limited editions. Manufacturers can test their products on the market using these machines to produce small editions of packaging. (10 Mio. units/year)

The Voehringer Engineering GmbH is therefore also n ideal partner for the production of  suitable dummys for large-volume manufacturing companies. It also offers the development of a pilot-project for a large product launch. 

The new specíal series for producing PET cans needs to be particularly emphasised, as it offers new innovative packaging opportunities (beer).

Burg Lichtenstein

The company is being managed by Hans-Christoph Vöhringer, and is based in Lichtenstein, near Stuttgart, Germany.

Company founder

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Christoph Vöhringer born 1960, Diplom-Engineer at Audi, Mercedes-Benz and has won the German Audi Touring car championship as race director in 1991, thereafter self-employed. .


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